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I work in one of the Freelancer’s core product team – Matchmaking, which mainly focus on user engagement and user retention. In our cases, means that we try to make both Employers and Freelancers have pleasant experience when using the product.

The challenge we are facing everyday is Employer don’t get quality freelancer to work on their projects, Freelancers get paid little.

On a daily basis, I work with data scientists to find out the problem and discuss with PM on possible solutions. We then use AB Test to determine the features and improve the products' functionality.

Just like any other product focused companies, changes are made constantly, but the iteration process could take long, from wires to design, from test to live. What’s even more difficult is that the website itself has been existing for long time, there are a lot of legacy code and poorly designed interface. It annoys and scares a lot of users away. We are fully aware of the problem and doing our best to fix the issue every day.

In terms of design, we use atomic design system. Across different teams, we share the same assets library, sometimes it’s hard to keep it all consistent, because each product team works independently, but our regular design catchup can make sure we are on the same page in terms of style and progress.

My recent focus is to re design the current dashboard. There are huge list of elements we need to consider. Below are just some snippets of the new product features.