Merx app

Merx is designed for field force merchandisers, a fully integrated cloud-based solution that keeps track of jobs, tasks and time.

UI/UX Designer
App design, UX, Interaction Design
• The challenge Field force merchandising uses fairly complex and out of date system, there are few competitors within this space, but none of them has the great products. So we started to look at how to create efficiency for the process and make it easier to use for all merchandisers in the field, as well as the managers. • Old system The current system is not intuitive at all, there are a lot of problems. Having done few contextual enquires and user testing, we realised that how much process involved to complete a task. So for Merx, we decided to position it to task management and productivity tool. • Revisiting design Before designing, I did a lot of research on productivity apps and playing around different concepts. The design language has to be clear and conversational. I tried few different approaches, just want to see the possibilities • Current stage Depends on the workflow, I am jumping between app, admin and few other stuff, below are few screens I have finished, sort of. Stay tuned ;)