App, Prototype, User Experience Design
• Background I gained an avid interest in ux since last year, after done few online courses and read relevant books, I wanted to dive deeper, so decided to take an intensive UX course at Velvet Onion. Before started the course, we needed to find a problem to solve or an idea to develop.

Mentorship was very important to me in my professional career. I had two mentors in the past, they helped me a great deal along the way, I couldn’t describe how much influence they had on me. Everyone needs an expert to guide you out of pitfall. However there are only few dedicated website for mentorship, no app so far.
• What is Motivr? My idea was to create an app letting mentees and mentors connect and track the mentorship progress. • Naming So Why Motivr?
Mentee – the desire to be better
Mentor – the desire to help others
Both have motivations, therefore, Motivr.
• Research Objective

• identify target audience
• use different research methods (in this case, I used interviews & online survey)
• analyse thoughts and journeys
• based on findings, develop personas & define core functionalities.
• Insight • Define • Design