Microsite, Interface design, Game design

• Overview Create-a-saurus is a digital activation with an immersive experience for kids and adults. Our aim is to make learning fun and keep kids excited about dinosaurs as part of their 2015 Ancient Animals Collectable Cards Campaign. This activation will be a platform for users to create and submit their own dinosaur which can subsequently be viewed as a part of the customised dinosaurs in the gallery. The
design can also be printed and assembled by the kids, with or without the help of their parents.
• Collaboration My role was improving existing wireframes, designing a simple and playful interface for kids. I was lucky enough to work alongside gold star team – developer, producer, 3D artist, videographer to make the dinosaurs come to life. We work with a Paper Artist to create prototypes for 8-12 yrs old kids to build their own dinosaur model. • Outcome