Sydney, Australia

Creating engaging, simple & intuitive user interfaces for web & mobile based on user needs & business goals.

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I was asked by my mentor few years back, what's my mantras in general, I couldn't give her a straight answer, realised that I wasn't knowledgable about myself, I then took some time to think about that. Gradually it becomes clear to me what I believe in.

There are three things I live by and value more than anything else.

• Creativity
I love being creative, it's who I am, drawing, taking photos, spending time in my little kitchen, or simply trying new things, in general, have fun and explore more. I am very lucky to be in this industry that we can all apply imagination to work, at least, some.

• Empathy
I strongly believe that having empathy towards people and all things around us is extremely important, it allows me to have a deeper understandings and broader perspectives when designing as well as facing any issues in life. Being conscious about what's happening around me also helps to work with others at workplace.

• Storytelling
Obsessed with stories when I was kid, I wanted to write my own book. To become a good storyteller is as hard as many other things. It can fascinate people, bring out emotion and move people. My mum used to say to me: Reality is often harsh and sometimes life is plain boring, we need stories to spice it up. I couldn't agree more.


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